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Australian Made. WHO Formulation.
Sustainable by Design. Hand Sanitiser.

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80% Alcohol

Specified by WHO with a beautiful lemon grass fragrance


World Health Organisation recommended formulation

Australian Made

Brought to you by a trusted family-owned Brisbane based hygiene company


Designed to be refilled & reused so less single use plastics end up in landfill


We aim to make you smile in tough times

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Hand + Surface Sanitiser

Hand and surface sanitiser to keep you, your family and your workplace safe. Packaged to suit your home, office, or on the road.

All product are available in:

  • 80% AlcoholWHO Formulation

  • Alcohol Free – kills 99.99% of germs with 4 hours protection

  • Plus, you choose the labelling to suit – handjob. or hj.

pocket rocket 125ml

Staying true to his name, this little legend is small enough to fit in your front pocket. A hand and surface sanitiser in one, Pocket Rocket is perfect for handbags, car consoles, school bags and to keep you safe whenever you’re on the move.

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middle child 250ml

Everyone knows one. You may even be one. Still struggling to find that stat that says you’re the preferred child, right?! Well not this middle child, our peacekeeper stands proudly in the hj. family on any workstation, hallways, coffee tables and the like.

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mr sensible 500ml

He’s wise, blessed with a big heart and always there when you need him. Mr Sensible loves a benchtop, high traffic areas where he gets loads of attention, reception desks, foyers and anywhere really. He’s the type of bloke you want on your team.

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big dog 1000ml refill

Big Dog takes no prisoners. He’ll whoop your toosh if he finds you using single use plastics, when he’s available for reuse and refill.  Beastly good looking, sure, he still prefers to be out of the limelight and used for the greater good of the environment.

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keeping it clean

Big Impact with a Small Footprint

We’ve designed handjob. to be hard-hitting on viruses and germs but not the planet. Whilst we use plastic, we’ve designed it to be refilled, reused and recycled. Plus, we are made in Australia, so our carbon miles are much smaller than the product being imported and we’re keeping hardworking Aussies in jobs.

What's in a name?

Same same but different. It’s your choice if you want the brand handjob. or hj. on your countertop or in your handbag. Because, both handjob. and hj. are the same product, with the same formulation that is recommended by WHO, Australian made and sustainable by design.

Brought to you by

A husband and wife team, David & Liberty Croft, love nothing more than a good laugh. Parents to four rascals under five, they know the importance of protecting their family from germs and having managed a family owned cleaning supply company for many years, they felt the world needed access to the best quality hand and surface sanitiser available.

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If we haven’t answered your question in our FAQ, please email us at hello@handj.com.au. We’d love to hear from you!

Ask us a question

What does hospital grade mean?

This product has been manufactured to WHO’s recommended formulation of 80% alcohol (most other hand sanitisers range between 65%-75% alcohol) and COVID-19 exemption for doctors surgeries, hospitals, aged care homes, plus families.

Are these liquid or gel hand sanitisers?

Our hand & surface sanitisers are liquid which has the following benefits;

  • Dries faster than gel and doesn’t leave hands sticky
  • It’s more economical & provides better coverage than a gel – for example, 50ml gel can do 20 cleans, 50ml spray does 80 cleans
  • You can refill the bottles cost-effectively
  • It is more versatile than gel, you can clean your hands and surfaces
  • Government’s now recommend spray bottles on workers desks

I've seen all these brands releasing sanitisers why would I buy yours?

Great question. Firstly, ours is 80% ethanol and manufactured to the WHO recommended formulation, so you can be confident that you are buying the highest quality. A lot of people are looking to make a quick buck, we’ve partnered with a 70 year old Australian hygiene company, so you can trust that we are doing what we’ve always done, protecting businesses, their customers and most importantly families, whilst keeping hardworking Aussies in jobs.

How effective is your non-alcoholic range?

Our “Teetotaller” hand sanitiser forms a protective antibacterial barrier on your hands and surfaces, offering long lasting protection against germs and is gentle on skin. It kills 99.99% of germs and remains effective for up to 4 hours. It has been designed to be non-irritating on skin, with added aloe vera.

Can you use your alcoholic & non-alcoholic range together?

Yes. You can use the “Full Strength” 80% alcohol hand-sanitiser first, let it dry and then apply the “Teetoaller” hand sanitiser to give you up to 4 hours protection against germs, or you can use these individually. Either way, you’re stopping the spread of germs.

Yes. You can use the “Full Strength” 80% alcohol hand-sanitiser first, let it dry and then apply the “Teetoaller” hand sanitiser to give you up to 4 hours proetection against germs, or you can use these individually. Either way, you’re stopping the spread of germs.

How do I use hand sanitiser?

Please refer to label on handjob. packaging.

Can I use hand sanitiser on surfaces?

Yes absolutely on hard surfaces! Wipe down shopping trolley’s, car handles, benches, door handles, toys, and high traffic areas to give your place an extra sparkly clean whilst killing germs.

Do I dilute it?

No don’t dilute it, because that reduces its effectiveness. The stronger the better in this fight to kill germs.

I've heard I need to be careful with using it on my kids?

Hand sanitiser is safe to use on children’s hands but it’s important you supervise this. Because there are high concentrations of alcohol in the sanitiser you need play an active role in helping them use it. Please refer to product label which shows correct handjob. application technique. Make sure it’s stored in a safe place, not in cupboards or underneath benches that can be accessed by kids. Call the Australian 24/7 poisons hotline 131 126 if you think your child has been poisoned.

Are you just another company profiteering?

Straight up. No! We’ve partnered with a Brissie based cleaning & hygiene company who’ve been around 70+years. They’ve been in the hand hygiene and toilet paper game a long time, selling to businesses like hospitality venues across Australia. With excess stock due to many venues being closed we’ve partnered with them to create a way for you to get access to the best quality hand sanitiser available on the market.

Where are you stocked?

Our warehouse is in Brisbane, but we’re working with outlets to range our products. If you want to stock handjob. or hj. products then contact us hello@handj.com.au If you want your local cafe, your office etc to get behind us (we’d be really grateful) then please also email us and we’ll see how we can help.

Do you wholesale?

Yes we do. Email us at hello@handj.com.au for bulk pricing.

Why the name?

We needed to get your attention. Tick. We’re hoping you’re smiling.

I like supporting brands that give back!

So do we! We are huge fans of socially responsible brands and we’re now in the game to play our part. WIth more people buying hand sanitiser it means more plastic that could end up in landfill. So we’ve created a system that enables you to refill and reuse all to reduce the burden on the environment. Plus, by purchasing our products you’re keeping hardworking Aussies in jobs!

What are your Australian & International Shipping rates

Hand sanitisers are considered a dangerous good with courier and postal services due to ingredients used, which means shipping is more expensive. We’re pleased to be able to offer flat rate shipping in Australia. For bulk orders in Australia and international orders please email hello@handj.com.au for pricing before submitting an order.

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